Participants / CEOs comments

 “The applicability of the Adizes concepts are both in personal life as well as in professional life. It can be applied to a small part of the organisation, in a division, in a zone or even in the whole company.”

- Amar Singh, Founder, Clove Dental

"The program was a "WOW!" experience.  "Mutual Trust and Respect", addresses the crux of all problems that organisations goes through whether transition or succession planning related."

- Jas Kamal Jit Singh Bhuie, VP, Jubilant Industries Limited

"Adizes has been an invaluable resource and insightful advisor in my efforts to restore entrepreneurial vitality to mature business organizations throughout the world."

- Steven Miller - CEO and Former President, Shell Oil Company 

"The methodology engages the entire organisation hierarchically and functionally. It helped to bring out various perspectives from the organisation as a whole and to harness that information constructively. It also helps decisions and opinions to percolate in the entire organisation subsequently."

- Sunder Rajan, Ex-CEO, Sono Koyo Steering Ltd. 

"Adizes methodology is a very neutral, unbiased, grounded methodology having answers to management and operational problems that shapes up organisational behaviour leading to achieve operational excellence."

- Shiv Tewari, Commodore, Indian Navy – Goa

"The Adizes "Perceptions of Reality" and understanding Styles of management was superb."

- Apurva Oza, Division Head, Modtech Machines Pvt. Ltd.

"… .one of the most insightful, experienced and compelling educators of our time."

- Stephen Covey, author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" 

"After attending Adizes workshop and understanding the methodology, I was completely in love with the principles. I realised that this is for us and we took a decision to engage with Adizes."

- Atul Bhide, CEO, Madhavbaug Multidisciplinary Cardiac Care and Hospitals

"Right from the philosophy to the clarity of thoughts, to clarity of expression down to the level of plan of implementation. The whole thing is so coherent and so cogent."

- S. Chidambaram, Advisor, Pegasus Academy

"Adizes offers the secret to understanding how to stay ahead of the transitions that organizations make and how to provide the leadership through those transitions to optimum performance."

- James C. Morgan, Chairman and CEO, Applied Materials Inc. 


"The coporate lifecycle is a good tool to understand where we are as once we know that, we are in a better position to control the situation."

- Amit Pareek, CFO, Quality Kiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 


“Adizes helped us generate better ideas and a climate where they could be better implemented.”

- Tom Monaghan, Founder and Past President, Domino’s Pizza

"These core Adizes concepts & tools will affect Implementation, a major bugbear for CEOs. Now we have practical tools for creating and maintaining a culture of “Mutual Trust & Respect”. Very operational, translating philosophy into reality."

- Chaitanya Shroff, CEO, Excel Crop Care

"Adizes is the best kept secret in America. Discover him! The sooner you do, the better off you’ll be."

- Ken Blanchard, author of "The One-Minute Manager" 

“Great experience, structural approach & very well conducted. Insightful, scientific & systematic.”

- Tushar Ranpara, MD, EPT Global Logistics

"Very insightful sessions of 2 days. It has given method to the madness on how to build an enterprise and help to develop aspects for business sustainability."

- Ganges Reddy, CEO & MD, BlueDrop Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

"To remain the market leader in this environment of rapid growth-in an industry that is projected by market analysis to grow from $1 billion today to over $10 billion by 2005-we must continually restructure our company. Adizes is our primary vehicle for managing these internal transformations."

- Eli Harari, President and CEO, SanDisk Corporation 


“Adizes methodology brings new perspective to look at management challenges and further harnessing it. A great learning experience."

- Nitin Gupta, Commander, Indian Navy, Naval War College – Goa

"The genius work of Dr. Adizes is the way he has structured such complex management problems of organisations, with such great simplicity. It keeps you excited every-time you hear them and everytime some new insight comes your way."

- Navanit Samaiyar, Director, Clove Dental

"Adizes methodology is useful to resolve the growing problems of an organisation. As we grow, it becomes difficult to communicate the decisions top-down with the original purpose, getting bottom-up feedback on implementation hurdles and maintain the company's values, vision and mission throughout the organisation."

- Sarika Sethi, Director & CEO, Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.


“The Institute's methodology has enhanced internal communications by encouraging habits of participatory management and by helping us accept change as normal and as continuous opportunity for the bank."

- Samuel H. Armacost, Former CEO, Bank of America