What is REAL Leadership ?


The Effective Manager

1 Day Program For Middle Level Managers and Supervisors.

Adizes has high focus on Implementation.

The workshops are primarily activity based with emphasis on group dynamics and powerful peer to peer learning.


Immense Power of the Middle Management

  •  Critical bridge between Strategy and Implementation, on ground
  • Key Communication Link – top down or bottom up
  • Largely untapped “ocean of ideas” which can be very effective for the organization
  • Responsible for timely execution with quality


If the Middle Management is weak, the Organisation suffers

  •  Failure in strategy execution
  • Delays in implementation
  • Miscommunication within team and across verticals
  • Actions and outcomes are often misaligned and misdirected at the operations level
  • Essentially decreased efficiency and effectiveness

To organise a workshop in your organisation, please contact

Shridhar Thoda at or call at +91-9820508743

Apurba Roy at or call at +91-9711002084