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The Adizes Methodology is a universal, holistic theory and practice that provides a comprehensive, unified approach to managing change and achieving sustainable success.

Adizes works worldwide with clients that range from the Global 100 to middle market companies, startups, and governments. Adizes has offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

For over 70+ years, the Adizes Methodology has been tested and proven in 52 countries around the world. It has been consistently shown effective when applied to individuals, families, and groups of any size or type—including for-profit and nonprofit corporations, government agencies, and societies as a whole.

The Adizes Methodology provides a proven, systematic framework for surviving and thriving in a changing world. By recognizing that change is inevitable, and acknowledging that it can lead to destructive conflict, Adizes provides leaders with the means to address key issues and unlocking the hidden potential in their organizations. We strongly believe that by creating a culture of mutual trust and respect, the conflicts arising from change can be channeled in a positive direction, and maximum energy can be focused on forward progress. We help our clients build this kind of environment—where collaborative change is not only possible, but the norm.


enables your organization to successfully tackle complex challenges, attract and retain exceptional talent, generate superior financial returns, and become a dominant player in your market.

The work that Adizes does is based on the Adizes Methodology—a proprietary, structured system for accelerating organizational change. The methodology was conceived and developed by Dr. Ichak

Adizes, a noted professor, author, lecturer,

and managment expert. It has been successfully applied to companies 1975.

Adizes News

The recently concluded signature workshop - Adizes Breakthrough to Prime™, hosted a diverse group of CEOs and Owners from varied industry sector and cultures. This created a rich diversity and added significantly to the overall learning experience.

Amongst several key take-aways for delegates, a bonus  was getting the Adizes "Management Style Indicator".  If a Leader is aware of his Managerial Style, it can have significant implications on team management, delegation, the process of decision making & implementation and even strategies and rewards.

Over and above, each delegate received a best seller of Dr Ichak Adizes' - "Managing Corporate Lifecycle" that explains how companies are born, grow, age and die.

Each delegate has expressed keenness to take Adizes' Change Management program deeper in their business.

We thank all participants and wish them the very best in making their business reach Prime, the soonest possible. 


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